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Lower Priorites

Lower Priorites

We've got so much footage for the YouTube Channel you guys.  So much!  We've been shooting most of the weekends and having a blast coming up with adventures.  Only... We're having so much fun with our adventures; it's hard to prioritize taking a break to plug back into the box to edit.  (It is how Ryan and I spend most of our days after all.)

I figured what we needed was a nice rainy weekend, so we'd be trapped in the house and couldn't adventure, or garden, or both.  In case you don't live in the 'Burg, that's what happened last weekend.  It was supposed to rain.  I even had a Saturday morning shoot cancel.  AND WE WENT ADVENTURING ANYWAY.

It was an awesome day!  We started at the Farmers Market and met the Lorax, saw some butterflies, hung out with the Master Gardeners, ate popsicles and rice krispy treats for breakfast, bought some produce and then we hit the book fair up the street for the local library.  After scoring a crapton of books, we spent the rest of the afternoon working on arts and craps, I cooked for the week, and we had dinner in front of the TV while we binge watched Dr. Who.  (Zane has seasons to catch up on!)

Sunday wasn't much slower.  We managed to squeeze in some bike rides, a trip to the dollar store to get a new journal for Ferris, played board games galore, and I even managed to only spend a minor fortune at the grocery store.

Now that I've written that all out, it doesn't seem like that much.  It doesn't even seem like the grand adventure it was.  What can I say - even when we take a trip to the grocery store we have a good time.  

But that might be it.  We want to have adventures and make awesome videos, but the making is so much more fun than locking yourself away from the rest of the team to edit in a dark room for a couple of hours.  During the week, we really don't see much of each other.  Ryan and I both have work obligations, there's generally some networking Thing I have to do, and the kids have school and Tae Kwan Do.  By the time we get home as a family it's 6:30, which only gives us an hour and a half before bedtime (for the kids anyway) to eat dinner and read stories.  And we're all [monster hosebeasts] tired from our days and not our best selves.

That leaves editing to the weekends, which really our only family time.  We try not to schedule playdates or parties or events, and try to keep our commitments down so we can spend more time together as Team Chicken.

So in the grand scheme of things, ultimately making the videos for the kids YouTube channel is a lower priority than having the adventure for the video.  Which, when you think about it, is super cool.  Yay for lower priorities!

Granted, all things equal, Ryan got home from work early one day and managed to cut some footage, so we'll release it, eventually.


Here Comes Team Chicken!

Here Comes Team Chicken!