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Here Comes Team Chicken!

Here Comes Team Chicken!

It all starts with a YouTube channel.  This channel specifically. 

The boys wanted a YouTube channel.  It's the hot new thing to be when you grow up, a YouTuber.  

We’re working on some videos, and some house rules:

  1. You have to wear a shirt on the internet.  (Everyone keeps asking why they’re naked, and they’re not, they’re wearing pants, but it would make my life easier if I didn’t have to field questions about the state of dress my children are in.)

  2. No last names and you can’t mention your school name.

  3. We can’t include other people unless we have a model release.

  4. We have to publish actual content, we’re not just going to post videos of you playing Minecraft.  That niche is full.

I’m sure as we go on there will be more rules, but that’s a start.

So while I was setting up the YouTube, I realized the blog had gone fallow.  It was dated looking and needed a fresh new look.  And perhaps I should start writing in it again.  You know, for giggles.

So here it is.  The official headquarters of the Suburban Farm and Team Chicken.  Doesn’t it look nice?

We’ve linked all the social media pages and hopefully that will inspire me to post more.

Here’s to 2017 and all the projects it brings!


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