League of Unsettling Villains™ - Week 12 of 52

April 4, 2014

Right now Ryan is outside getting the leaves out of the front beds.  He dry fitted bits for the shoe rack he’s building me, and we got a hike with Charlie in this morning.  I’m super stoked about this since I feared NOTHING WOULD EVER GET DONE AGAIN.  This is not a rational fear, but my mental to do list is insanely overwhelming and filled with the most silly and trivial things.  Just today make bagels has been moved on and off it SIX TIMES.  

I have never once claimed to be rational.

So progress is being made and I’m still working on being ok with good ‘nuff.  (OMGWTFBBQ Good enough SUCKS, it’s horrible and I hate it with every fiber of my being.)  I may not be rational, but my OCD is well documented.

Also, I’m feeling shouty today.

This week we all were plagued by the League of Unsettling Villains™.  Zane was the first attacked, hit by Señior Upchuck and his side besties the Yurpies while at school.  That night Sir Up-All-Night dodged from room to room haranguing Ryan and myself as well as Zane.  Meanwhile on the north side of the house, Ferris was battling The Snot Monster and Herr Häckencough.  There was a Mexican standoff when Ferris was armed with The Spray of Saline and Tincture of Dimatapp, but at 4am they overwhelmed him and he had to be rearmed.  By morning, Zane bested most of the foes that menaced him, but the Yurpies gave him the slip and nipped at Ryan and my heels for the following day.  Also Ryan had the runs.

12 hours later, the League was locked up in Bleach Penitentiary and normalcy was restored to the Suburban Farm.

We also relocated another raccoon, rearranged dishes and food so Zane can officially get breakfast for he and Ferris, we made bagels (they were really awesome) and tortillas with bacon fat, (first batch awesome, second batch meh), dealt with our taxes, read a bunch of books, and watched Frozen.  

Yes, we’ve all been singing Let It Go OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  Only the kids can’t remember anything other than the “let it go” part.  I squelch my inner drama queen every time and avoid calling out “the cold never bothered me anyway.”  Which while dramatic, is patently untrue as my stupid allergy to the cold has gotten worse this year.

This week hopefully progress on the yard will continue.  We'll do even more bike riding with the warmer weather, and I will continue to work on living a slightly less organized life...  or go totally postal and you'll find me with the recently relocated raccoon at the park.

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Rantipole15 said...

We too struggled through a week-long siege by the LoUV. We all ended up getting it, except the twins, either because they are still on pure Mommy's Magic Elixir or because they did catch it and I didn't notice because they puke all the time anyway.