Zane is 5 and there were Chicks - Week 11 of 52

March 28, 2014

And we’ve missed another two weeks.  I’ve spent the better part of this month trying to embrace the less than perfect.  Good e‘nuff is good e‘nuff.  Serving that, I’m going to keep trying to blog once a week and if I fail, oops, at least the kids were (mostly) cared for and no one (mostly) caught fire.

Bullet points of the last couple of weeks.

The Box - the shovel came out, and the box stayed in our living room for another two weeks as “The Cave” where the boys built a living room and could be found eating snacks, watching the iPad, and hiding toys.  At one point I think trains were set up.  (And yes, they had to do this all laying down ‘cause the box was only 20” wide.)

Zane Turned 5 - and I didn’t do a “I love you, you’ve grown, perhaps you’ll read this when you're older” post.  Hey Zane, you’ve grown, you’re a cool dude, and I’d much rather actually play games or build legos with you then try to sum up an indescribable year full of adventures, clothing rending, a few tears, and many many many hugs.  But, I love you and hope that future you is content.  Hey Ferris, same goes for you, and I skipped last year’s post so I’ll double sum up in July.

We did have a party.  It was super fun.  A bunch of kids thrashed my house, built legos, played in the yard, and ate way less pizza then we thought they would.  Also no cake as Zane “has too much icing in my tummy” so we did doughnuts in a heap.  Everyone had a blast and three hours after they all left the house was back to normal.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We Got Chicks - 3 black australorps, 3 buff orpingtons, and 3 barred rocks.  Let’s hope we can keep all of them for at least two years so we’ll finally get enough eggs to prevent us from buying them.  For the record, we go through at least two dozen eggs a week.  That’s if I don’t bake or have company over.  

The Front Yard - I got it mostly cleared of leaves, and we need to decide if we’re going to clear the rest off the front and the side or mulch some of the uncovered beds this weekend.  One or the other is all we have time for.  

Charlie is good, the kids are good, the chickens and cats are good, and Ryan and I are scrambling along behind them all, but we’re having fun in the process.

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Marion Guthrie said...

I spy two good friends! And a plate full of donuts sounds like a perfect birthday cake!