Box of Shovel - Week 8 of 52

March 7, 2014

We missed a week.  Week 7 was full of packing and preparing for a trip to Cincinnati.  We were on the road on Thursday, briefly discussed needing to post the next day, and then promptly forgot.  Friday was spent running around the Cincinnati Aquarium with the kids, followed by three days of non-stop eating.  This week we’re back on the horse!

Ever wonder what the package looks like when you order a shovel from Amazon?  

I happen to know.  I ordered one three weeks ago, and it’s been sitting in our living room, all boxed up, ever since.  We haven’t really needed it, but aside from that, the packaging is so freaking funny that I kept meaning to take a picture of it.  Yes, I've had a giant box of shovel sitting in my living room for three weeks, because I couldn't be bothered to get my camera out.

For the first two weeks, when Zane got home from school he would ask when we were going to open the box.  Week three he gave up, thinking it an exercise in futility.  Yup, not only did I have a GIANT BOX reminding me to open it, I had two weeks of daily reminders from Zane too.

When we got back from our trip, there was enough snow on the sidewalk that unpacking the thing might have been prudent.  But, NOOOOO, I must document the ridiculousness of a shipped shovel.

Then last night, after a glass (ok, two and a cocktail) of wine, I told Ryan we should make a movie about the box full of shovel.  He nodded, “Yes dear.” and we both fell asleep on the sofa.  I can’t be bothered to take a camera out, why not add even more obstacles to removing the GIANT BOX from the living room?  I do not always act in my own best interests.

Today, I’m putting the shovel in the garage.  I may or may not unbox it.

Photo of a huge box with a shovel top sticking out of it.

It’s like we ordered a shovel made for Andre the Giant.

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Rantipole15 said...

That is amazing. I kind of want to order a shovel now...just to see if it happens for us, too. Also that box looks like something that would entertain the kids for a good long while.